Foundational Driver Training for Fleets

These courses are built with a bit of humor while guiding your drivers through the skills necessary to make better decisions of the road


This module explains what the meaning and purpose of the various street signs, traffic signals, and roadway markings. Emphasis is placed on understanding the law and how each type plays a role in ensuring a safe driving environment. Topics include: Signs, Signals, Markings. Read More

The SMART approach to risk management is a strategic process of managing risk by staying aware of your environment and properly responding to hazards to avoid collision. Read More

This lesson instructs drivers on how to approach and safely navigate three types of special intersections; the one-way street, traffic circles, and railroad crossings. Read More

This lesson provides instruction on sharing the road with special vehicles such as emergency vehicles, school busses, motorcycles, and construction trucks. Read More

This lesson explains the physical and psychological impact of stress, along with the potential consequences of continuing to drive while under a highly stressed state. Read More

This module discusses the definition and causes of impaired driving, along with the potential ramifications of driving in an impaired state. Emphasis is placed on understanding the law, the dangers, and what to do to keep yourself safe. Read More

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