Foundational Driver Training for Fleets

These courses are built with a bit of humor while guiding your drivers through the skills necessary to make better decisions of the road


This lesson explains the process of managing risk through decision making and risk assessment. Emphasis is placed on thinking before taking action, and not relying on chance.  Read More

This lesson takes a closer look at the importance of perceiving risks and potential hazards while driving. It discusses what to look out for and when to use additional caution due to reduced visibility. Read More

This lesson discusses the dangers of hazards on and off the roadway. Drivers are instructed on what to look out for and how to safely avoid these hazards. Read More

This lesson provides step-by-step instruction on proper scanning techniques to increase driver awareness of their surroundings. Emphasis is placed on a structured and purposeful approach. Read More

The lesson explains the purpose of traffic signals; along with providing best practices when encountering green arrows, yellow lights, and the flashing or blinking red light.   Read More

This lesson describes the different types of street signs, what they mean, and the importance of paying attention to them. Read More

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