Foundational Driver Training for Fleets

These courses are built with a bit of humor while guiding your drivers through the skills necessary to make better decisions of the road


This lesson discusses the potential impact of medications on driver impairment, with an emphasis of understanding side effects regardless of whether the medication was prescribed or sold over the counter. Read More

This lesson discusses best practices for parking vehicles, particularly larger vehicles like trucks and vans. It provides real-world advice for common parking situations. Read More

This lesson goes into detail about the dangers involved in passing another vehicle, along with the steps involved to complete a pass safely. The lesson emphasizes the importance of making sound judgements, rather than relying solely on signs and road markings. Read More

This lesson discusses the impact of health issues on safe driving, with an emphasis on identifying the potential for even the most common symptoms to create an unsafe driving environment when left unchecked. Read More

Designed with the busy employee in mind, this course consists of 8 modules strategically focused on the key aspects of safe driving. Emphasis is placed on the driver’s role in staying alert, identifying potential risks, taking action, and avoiding common unsafe behaviors such as distracted, impaired, and aggressive driving. Read More

This lesson teaches driver’s how to determine right of way, exceptions to the rules, and when it’s best to simply yield the right of way to ensure a safe driving environment. Read More

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