Foundational Driver Training for Fleets

These courses are built with a bit of humor while guiding your drivers through the skills necessary to make better decisions of the road


This lesson explores the growing issue of distracted driving, the behaviors associated with it, and tips & tricks to avoid being a distracted driver in a world of ever-growing technology.  Read More

This module provides instruction on how to safely approach and traverse intersections. It also provides helpful strategies for dealing with uncontrolled intersections, determining the right of way, and navigating special roadways like one-way streets, traffic circles, and railroad crossings. Emphasis is placed on staying alert, scanning the environment and being ready to stop in an emergency. Topics include: Types of Intersections, Right of Way, Scanning, Covering the Brake, and Special Roadways. Read More

This lesson details the specific laws and legal ramifications of being convicted of impaired driving. Read More

This lesson explains the impact of time of day on driving conditions and how changing light conditions can negatively impact visibility and safe driving. Read More

This module provides instruction on perceiving and acting upon potential risks to minimize the chance of collision. Drivers are taught what to look out for, when to use additional caution, and how to make good decisions in bad situations. Topics Include: Risk Perception, Risk Management, and SMART Approach Read More

This lesson explains the meaning, use, and laws concerning common pavement markings; such as, stop lines, double yellows, crosswalks, and bike lanes. Read More

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